Here we go

Quite simply, I cannot think of a better start to this blog than this video. Take a second (or ~3.5 minutes) to watch it:

A lot has changed in the five years since I created this video in grad school. The boyfriend has become a husband. We have a new refrigerator (yay!). And the magnets have been carefully packed away in a box to make room for a certain three-year-old’s artwork on the new refrigerator — because isn’t it the duty of all parents to proudly display their child’s first scribbles to anyone who happens to wander into the kitchen?

But even though the magnets are out of sight now, they’re not out of mind. Through all the toddler clutter of toys and books and tiny clothes replaced far too often because she’s growing up so fast, I can still feel the magnets tugging at me from their hibernation in a box in the attic. Waiting.

Waiting for me (us) to get to a point where we’re ready to start adding to our collection again.

Until then, though, I’m trying to appreciate every magical, mundane and maddening moment of my life in the here and now.

So grab a glass of wine. Sit down. Let’s hang out for a while.